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Leads, Customers, and Sales are the key ingredients to a successful business.

At J-Digital, we focus on these three aspects to capture your audience’s attention and turn them into customers. Our team of digital marketing experts will work with you to create an effective Google Ads or social media campaign (or both). We’ll help you extend your reach, so you can gain more leads, deliver more engagement, and generate more ROI.

About JDigital

J-Digital is a Brisbane-based business, but we work with service-based and e-commerce firms Australia-wide. The company began with the intention of helping other businesses get the most out of their paid advertising campaigns. Today, we offer social media and Google Ads strategies that deliver exceptional and profitable results.

At J-Digital, we want you to experience the explosive power of Social Media and Google Advertising. With businesses going digital, performance is everything, especially when driving business and revenue growth. We make it our mission to generate not just leads but actual sales from customers.

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J Digital

Our Services

Our team of experts will work with you to build performance-driven strategies, whether you want to focus on social media or Google Ads. These personalised strategies are aimed toward your intended audience to connect them with you and convert them into valuable customers.

Achieve your goals with the help of our tailored integrated solutions designed to scale as your business grows.


Social media advertising

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – whatever social media platform it is, your target market is on it. Likes and views for your posts are not the only things to strive for. Optimising social media for your business is easily achievable with a social media strategy we design exclusively for your business.

Gain more engagement, more clicks, more customers, and more leads. We help you refine your audience so you effectively foster relationships and drive sales.


Google Advertising

Capture consumer attention and convert their intent through J-Digital’s audience-centric Google Ads approach. This is how you can get profitable results. Get seen by your target audience when they are in hunt mode, which is the optimal time in a buyer’s journey to serve up content they are hungry for.

Let J-Digital help you create a clear Google Ads marketing strategy that’s right for you, your budget, and your business.

Case Studies

Our results speak for us. We have years of experience in helping clients across a multitude of industries so they can achieve their business goals. From local businesses selling memberships to targeting property buyers, we have created strategies that work in generating more leads that become paying customers.

Our methodology revolves around our understanding of the business and its intended customers. We spend a reasonable amount of time, usually 7-10 days, studying and researching that customer base before positioning the product/service in front of the customer.

Take a look at how we have helped our clients improve their online presence through social media, Google campaigns, or both.

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