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At J Digital, our goal is to help make your company more profitable. We accomplish this goal by creating personalised strategies that are aimed toward your intended audience. Once we capture your audience’s attention with Google Ads, social media, and other valuable methods, we turn them into your customers.

Social Media Advertising

Years ago, social media advertising was similar to closing your eyes and tossing a dart at a board. Thankfully, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the rest have strategies where a company can target ads with significant precision and reach groups of people who seem as if they are receptive.
Social Media Advertising

For example, if someone’s post is tagged with ‘adopt don’t shop’, there is a significant chance they support animal rescue organisations. If you sell t-shirts, our plan would be for any cat, dog, or rescue-related merchandise you carry to land on their Facebook or other social media pages.

By carefully targeting potential clients with products or services they would want or need, your company is on track for successful conversion.

Google Advertising

When it comes to Google Advertising, there are very few aspects the search engine giant does not offer. All of the options may seem great to you, and plenty of eager businesspeople sign on for everything available. Unfortunately, that is not the best way to target customers. Additionally, this strategy can cost a great deal of money.

Our first step in a Google Ads campaign for your company is to take the time to get to know you and pinpoint your target audience. You will get significantly better results when you know who you are aiming at and where to find them.

From that point, we will use the best options among Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping and Google Remarketing. Our goal is to make sure your ads are in front of your ideal customer when they need your product or service.


Many businesses advertise on social media/Google because it is profitable for their business and provides a sustainable method of bringing in new customers each and every day. The question is how can you make it work for your business? Simple. Hire an expert who knows the ins and outs of this these platforms and leverage their experience to craft a winning strategy so you can profit and grow your business.
This depends on the stage of your business and your marketing budget. We recommend you start with no less than $20/day to begin. But once you start to see results and a return on your investment then you can increase it gradually. Advertising is an investment in your business, not an expense.
This depends on your budget but usually for Google you want to look at 3-4 weeks of running the ads to start to see some initial results. We recommend 90 days to really dial in your campaigns and get credible results. Social media we look at a similar timeframe, 30 days for initial testing to find what works if you haven’t run ads before, 90 days to dial it in and improve your campaigns with the data you have. However, if you have a bigger budget you can expect to see results faster. If you have a lower budget, you will need to give it more time.
We measure campaign success based on your goals. Before running any social media/Google campaign, we plan a strategy with your business goals at the top of it and we aim to achieve your goals through the campaign. You can’t know if you have a successful campaign if you don’t plan your goals before. That’s why we always plan before we launch.

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If you are looking for a way to build your company’s leads, traffic, and sales via digital marketing, you have found it. J Digital Company offers a variety of services designed to improve your ROI and make your business grow by leaps and bounds.

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