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J-Digital is run by Jordan Pizzica and we are located in Brisbane, Australia. We work with Service-Based & E-Commerce Businesses to generate more leads and sales for their business.

We have had a lot of experience working with local businesses selling services anywhere from low-ticket gym memberships to high-ticket services such as property and developments.

We generate more than just leads, we generate customers who will actually pay you for your product/services and eliminate the time-wasters.

How Do We Do This for Our Clients?

We first take the time to deeply understand your business and who your target customer is. We spend a significant amount of time (as long as 7 days-10 days) researching your target customer in order to create ad campaigns with messaging that directly addresses the person’s fears, anxiety and what they want.

We then position your product/service as the solution to take them from where they are now to where they want to go. Your product/service is the bridge they need to get there and this is where we specialise.

Once a person becomes a lead, we follow them up with emails and even text messages where necessary to ensure they are kept warm so when you contact them, they are ready to buy.

Now, not all leads will buy on the first interaction with you, in fact, most won’t. This is why we ensure there is a follow-up process in place to keep them nurtured for when they are ready to buy.

Below are some of the case studies I have put together from our client results.

We focus on simple metrics each month: How much money was spent, how many qualified leads were generated and how many of these leads we converted into paying customers.

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